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Call shop VoIP

Common questions that we are asked about SIP Boutique.  Please study this page before contacting us with your question.

  • Free billing system

    Free call shop billing system

Frequently asked questions

Using the system:

Free call shop billing system:

Your VoIP equipment:

General questions:

Financial questions:

Using the system

How does the system work?

You configure your SIP or H.323 equipment to register at our system.  We have provided configuration guidelines for the more popular VoIP gateways.  Once you have made your first payment, you will be able to start calling and using your free online call shop billing system.

How do I get started?

  1. Create a SIP Boutique account.
  2. Configure your SIP ATA or gateways.
  3. Make a payment and start calling.

What software do I need to install?

You do not need to install any software.

Free callshop billing system

What billing system do you offer?

When you sign up for SIP Boutique, you get free access to Bill My Calls, an advanced management system for your call shop.

What password do I use for Bill My Calls?

SIP Boutique and Bill My Calls are fully integrated.  You log on to Bill My Calls using your existing account number and password.  Bill My Calls will also give you a reduced authority password for your call shop staff.  You can find this on the configuration page of the Bill My Calls control panel.

How long will Bill My Calls stay free?

Your free subscription to Bill My Calls will last for a full year as long as you continue to send those calls to SIP Boutique.  After one year, you will need to start paying for Bill My Calls or choose a new billing solution.

Is the billing system pre-pay or post-pay?

The call shop billing system can be operated in either prepay or postpay mode.   So, you can choose whether to charge your callers before or after they call.   You can mix your operations so that some of your callers pay after their calls and others are required to pay you a deposit before they can call.

Can I switch booths on and off?

Yes, you can do this using the Advanced Billing feature of the system and you can even disconnect calls in progress.  You can easily set this up on the online billing system by defining the line IDs of each booth.

How do I set my selling rates?

You set the rates you want your callers to pay using the online control panel.   You can either set them individually using a web page or you can upload them from a CSV file.  You can also set your billing steps, call set up charge and you can define a two tier discount structure.

Your VoIP equipment

What equipment can I use?

You can use any H.323 or SIP compliant VoIP gateway, ATA or IP phone.

Do I have to reconfigure my VoIP devices?

Yes, you will need to reconfigure your VoIP devices to register at the SIP Boutique system.  We have published configuration guidelines for the more common devices.

Can you reconfigure my VoIP devices for me?

Usually, we can do this, but we charge $75.00 per hour for this service, except for PAP2 gateways, where there is a fixed charge of $20.00.

What will my callers dial?

They can call either "00 + country + number" or "country + number".   It is possible for us to mimic your national dialling pattern, so that calls to your own country are dialled in the same way as they would be from a landline.   Please contact our support team if you would like us to set this up.

Will DTMF work?

Yes, it should work if you have followed our configuration guidelines.

Will fax work?

Fax is not guaranteed and depends on your equipment.  Our service is primarily voice.

What codecs do you support?

We support G.729 and G.711.

General questions

Who are you?

We are Westbay Engineers Ltd., and SIP Boutique is one of our products.  We are based in the UK and have been providing telecommunications software and services since 1989.

How can I contact you?

Please see our contact page.

Do you provide technical support?

We provide support by email.

I have two call shops.  Will this work?

Yes, but you will need two different SIP Boutique accounts.

Do you have a reseller system?

SIP Boutique is a direct sale product and is not designed to be resold.

Financial questions

What is the set up cost?

There are no set up costs for new accounts.

How much will you charge me?

Please see our SIP rates page.  The SIP Boutique calling rates change regularly to mirror the wholesale telecoms market.  This means that you can take immediate advantage of rate changes.

When should I pay you?

Our service is prepay.  Your account must be in credit before calling is allowed.   When your balance reaches zero, the calling will be disabled until we process your next payment.

How can I pay you?

We accept wire transfers and Western Union Quick Pay and we do not charge for those payment methods.  Subject to approval, we accept online payments in Pounds Sterling, including PayPal, without a transaction fee.  We can also accept online payments in Euro and US Dollars, but there is a 5% transaction fee for these payment methods.

Is there a minimum term?


I have lots of traffic.  Can I get lower rates?

No.  Our rates are final and not negotiable.

But, I can find lower rates elsewhere?

You can also buy a cheap car.  That doesn't mean it will start in the morning.

Can I have per-second billing?

Sorry, but no.  Our rates are very close to our wholesale buying rates.  We charge in 30 second intervals, because that is the main way for us to make a reasonable profit.  If someone came into your call shop and asked for per-second billing, would you agree?

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